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Miracle Aluminum Kit A | MS-AL-A-02


For those who already own Miracle Steel, this is the add on kit for Aluminum repairs. Use the same pulling tools just add the welder, cart, and consumables. Miracle tools have press fit rubber pads that can be easily removed, washed, and re-installed very quickly.

Included in this Kit:
  • Miracle Aluminum Bit Welder 230v | MS-AL-01-E
  • Miracle Wagon 4 Tray Type | MWM4-GR
  • Miracle Gas Bottle Stand | MS-GBS2
  • Miracle Aluminum Bit Straight Type (50 pcs.) with Lines | MAB-SA-N
  • Miracle Aluminum Screw Type (50 pcs.) with Lines | MAB-TA-N
  • Miracle Special Aluminum Bit Straight Type (50 pcs.) with Lines | MAB-SSP-N
  • Miracle Special Aluminum Bit Screw Type (50 pcs.) with Lines | MAB-TSP-N
  • Miracle Aluminum Bit for Easy Puller (100 pcs.) | MAB-PA
  • Miracle Special Aluminum Bit for Easy Puller (100 pcs.) | MAB-PSP
  • Miracle Bit Holder Combination Type for use with MAB-PA & MAB-PSP | MS-AL01-BH2
  • Easy Puller Hook for Aluminum bit MAB-PA & MAB-PSP | M2-M-45
  • Lever Puller Hook for Aluminum Bits | AP-18-00
  • Miracle Glue Kit for use with Glue Gun and Glue (15 pcs.) | MSG-SET-15E
  • 4 Pieces Hook Adapter Kit for use with Glue Tabs | MSG-HKS

Disclaimer: The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not include all items pictured. For an accurate list of items in this kit, see "included in this kit" above.