About Us

Equipment Gateway Inc. was established in 2010 by Matthew Bannister. We use our contacts from around the world to find new products and brands not available in North America. From inception, we partnered with Star to introduce the famous Miracle System of panel repair from Japan to the USA collision industry. Today we have expanded our product line up to include a quality line of air tools from Shinano in Japan and a great line of paint stands from Flexible in Denmark.
Our aim is to offer you tools and equipment of the highest quality, from established companies. So if there is a problem, you can be sure we have the support behind us to resolve the issue.

"Good tools are rarely cheap and cheap tools are rarely good"

Therefore at Equipment Gateway, you will find quality tools for a reasonable price, and have a reliable support team at your service.

We also work with Jobbers. If you would like to go through a Jobber, have your Jobber contact us and we would take it from there.