Flexible Paint Stands

Flexible, the European leader in paint stands is now available in the USA. Founded in 1980, for more than 30 years this Danish company has been manufacturing and designing auto body paint stands to fit the needs of shops all over the world.

What makes these stands different?

  • Superior build quality. These things are just plain tough
  • Large wheel diameter for rolling over hoses and booth thresholds
  • Easy storage. Folds flat, so they take up way less space when not in use
  • Danish Engineered & Manufactured
  • Scratch & Rust Resistant
  • 30 Seconds Setup Time
  • Quickly Sand, Prep And Paint Bumpers All On One Stand - MultiFlex Deluxe, MultiFlex II, and Easy Flex
  • 180 Degree Rotation Forward / Backwards - MultiFlex Deluxe, MultiFlex II, and Easy Flex
  • Over 180 Degrees Lateral Motion (Left/Right)
  • Extends Left, Right, Up, & Down
  • Tilts Left & Right
  • Vertically Adjustable (Up/Down)
  • 5 Bumper Securing Options, No Need For Additional Accessories
  • Fast Turning & Ability to Lock Into Any Position
  • Removable Easy to Clean Securing Options
  • Folds Away Flat, Saving Shop Space
  • Hard Wearing Nickel Plated Precision Steel Construction
  • Industrial Rubber Wheels. Easy to Roll Into Split Entry Booths
  • Small Parts Attachment Compatible


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