Shinano Air Tools

Shinano Inc. is a Japanese company founded in 1949. You may not be familiar with the Shinano name in North America, but it is very likely you have used their tools over the years and some of them are in your toolbox today.

Shinano private labelled for some of the most well known air tool companies in the world.

Why are you now seeing their name on their own tools?
Do you ever wonder why that great impact wrench or ratchet that you have been using for 20 years and finally replaced does not last as long, second time around? That is because some of these well-known names have decided to go to lower priced suppliers in other countries to maintain their margins.

At Equipment Gateway, we bring you quality tools because we have a reputation for looking after what we sell, and we just can’t afford to sell poor quality tools. Equipment Gateway Inc. and Shinano have teamed up to bring you original quality auto body air tools and service right here in the USA.

- Cheap tools are rarely good and good tools are rarely cheap -


Shinano Rachet Wrenches


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