Airopower System


Airopower is a pneumatic 5.25 tons push and pull ram that eliminates the problems of leaking porta powers yet is far more versatile. Operated with one hand or the included remote cable it is much easier and safer to use.
60% of the repairs you are currently using your frame machine or floor system for can be completed using the Airopower with the optional 53 piece accessory kit for a fraction of the cost or floor space.
By bracing off the strong areas of the vehicle and pushing the weak damaged area sheet metal can be restored in many cases in less time than it takes to get the car on the bench or the P4 system.
Faster than setting up a second puller, Airopower complements any brand of frame machine.

Some of its unique features are:

  • Hold parts in place while doing a big repair
  • Quick Down pulls on a frame machine are easy.
  • Fix a rocker on a two-post hoist.
  • Push off your existing pulling tower.
  • Repair a rear body panel or rad support on the floor.
  • Perform inline pulls by attaching to the A or B Pillar and the quarter panel.

- The most flexible and valuable tool you can have in your shop -

Airopower System

Airopower Standard Kit

The Airopower Standard Kit contains many of the accessories you would find in a regular porta power but also includes the 5.25 ton push pull ram with remote cable for ease of use and safety. Add this standard kit to any of the accessory kits to expand the capabilities and do more types of repairs.


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