Miracle Aluminum

-Not Just For Dings and Dents-

Miracle Aluminum is a completely different technology from the capacitor discharge machines that weld on threaded studs. Miracle Aluminum takes today's expectations of the degree of aluminum damage that can be repaired to a whole new level.

The Miracle Aluminum welder, welds aluminum keys in different alloys onto the panel. The key used depends on the alloy of the panel you are trying to repair. You cannot control the type of damage that comes in your shop so be prepared to repair more than a small ding with Miracle Aluminum. The Miracle System Aluminum welder uses an inverter with lift arc technology and Argon shield to weld on keys.

Miracle Aluminum Keys

These keys come with a slotted hole so no rings need to be screwed on, saving time. The ring is already attached so keys can be welded much closer together improving your ability to repair the panel. The Aluminum keys come in straight and twisted shapes just like the keys used in the steel system. This allows you to weld straight keys close together for strength or twisted keys along body-lines for hammering. The pulling ring is on a stork allowing for hammering as close to the weld as possible. The combination of lift arc technology and Argon shield sticks the end of the key onto the panel with the press of a button. This gives you much more pulling strength and the ability to repair much greater damage than dings and dents. The keys can be cut off and reused about 4 times. The lines on the keys ensure they are all the same length.

Why threaded stud welders or capacitor discharge welders. Do not give you the results you need.

It is often difficult to weld in the same spot with studs so if the stud comes off you may have to find another spot to weld a stud which may not be optimal. Studs must be welded perpendicular to the panel with only the ignitor touching. On complex damages and deep scratches this may be difficult or not even possible. Studs are not flexible like keys so must also be pulled perpendicular to the panel or you will rip them out often leaving a hole. A lever puller pulls in an arc so is not the best tool to use with these studs. A bridge that pulls straight up is better.

Studs are approximately 4-6 mm in diameter making maintaining sharp press lines difficult. In contrast Miracle keys are flat and come in twisted shape for press lines and straight shape for welding close together for strong pulls.
It is difficult to weld studs close together because you must install the rings. This may limit the strength of the pull. You must screw the rings on the same number of turns on each stud otherwise you will get a different height resulting in an uneven finish.

As studs are not really welded on (more like soldered) they often come off with heat. When you remove the stud there is often a small depression where material has been removed resulting in a thinner panel. With Miracle Keys you can grind them flush to the surface.

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