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Full Miracle Kit A on 2 Wagons | MS-SS-A7-10Z-01


Why Choose the Full Miracle Kit A?

The full miracle kit represents a total concept in panel repair tools that has evolved over 30 years. It provides on mobile trolleys, all the tools required to make a panel repair regardless of the tools individual technicians may have. With the full package, a technician can move to a vehicle knowing he has all the tools in place without having to return to his tool box for hammers or sanders.

The SMS-7Q stud welder is specifically designed to work with the miracle system. Firstly, it welds on contact without pressing a trigger. Secondly, the settings for different tools are clearly marked eliminating guess work on the part of the technician.

Included in this Kit:
  • Miracle Line Puller, 1600 mm and 1200 mm frame with 4 single and 4 double feet | MS-38L
  • Miracle Lever Puller, 1 single foot and 1 double foot | MS-13R
  • Miracle Easy Puller, 7 frames | MS-10Z
  • Miracle Strong Puller, 1 frame with 2 double and 2 single feet | MS-17S
  • Miracle Pet Kit, 3 slide hammers and one hand puller | MS-4P
  • Miracle Hammer Kit, 9 different hammers | MS-9H
  • Miracle Strong Bit | MB-1
  • Miracle Straight Bit | MB-2
  • Miracle Twisted Bit | MB-3
  • Hand Puller Kit (2 pcs.) | MS-5N
  • Gearless Sander Kit, disc size 50 mm | 14401A
  • Miracle Stud Welder 200 volts - 240 volts (welds on contact, no trigger) | SMS-7Q
  • Miracle Wagon 4 Tray Type (Wagon for Miracle Stud) | MWN4-GR
  • Miracle Panel Wagon (Wagon for Miracle System Tools, Silver) | MS-60V-GR
  • Bit Cutter | MBC-01
  • High Tef Oil | INN-03.1177

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