1/2" Sq. Drv. Impact Wrench | SI-1460


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  • Extremely high Breakaway Torque of 1400Nm
  • It combines light weight and high power
  • Strong jumbo single hammer clutch
  • Composite motor housing for reduced vibration and temperature stability
  • Noise levels according to ISO 15744:2008,ISO 11203:2009
  • Vibration level according to ISO 28927

Breakaway Torque refers to the tool’s ability to remove a bolt that has been tightened down using a torque wrench. This machine can loosen a bolt tightened to a torque of 1,400 Nm. Note that the 1,400 Nm does not mean the actual tightening torque of SI-1460 & SI-1460SR in reverse rotation mode. Since torque capacity is effected by many variables like bolt type and size, thread conditions, air pressure, CFM, etc., a comparison test can be difficult for an end user to replicate.

  • Breakaway Torque, Nm/(ft-lb): 1,400/(1,030)
  • Maximum Torque, Nm/(ft-lb): 850/(627)
  • Working Torque Range, Nm/(ft-lb): 0-620/(0-457)
  • Free Speed, r.p.m.: (F)8,000, (R)8,500
  • Weight, kg/(lb): 1.57/(3.46)
  • Noise Level, dBA/(power): 88.3/(99.3)
  • Vibration a/k, m/s2: 9.5/1.4
  • Air Consumption, L/S: 14.43
  • Avg.Air Consumption, CFM/(L/S): 5.1/(2.4)


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