Miracle Steel

Miracle Steel is the original panel repair system from Japan that has been in production for over 30 years. Most dent repair systems are just copies of Miracle System that usually try to duplicate the product with one goal in mind and that is to reduce price. Their goal is not product improvement. Most copies are not even aware of half the features of Miracle system because they are simply copied with cost saving in mind. A fact that only comes apparent when you use the tools for repair. For example: many copy systems are made with off the shelf center shafts made of threaded rod that can be purchased from any hard ware store. The use of such a product shows a complete misunderstanding of the mechanical principals behind Miracle System. Miracle system tools are made with a proprietary alloy of titanium and aluminum that is only available in Japan. These tools were made at a time when the mandate was to produce the very best tools possible so they will perform the best in the harsh body shop environment and last a lifetime.

When it comes to servicing and spare parts we have every single nut, bolt, spring and wheel available to keep your system in original working order. You are not buying someone’s experiment in cost reduction you are buying the original. Just like original vs. aftermarket spare parts that you put the on a customers vehicle. The same principals apply here. Keep in mind that when comparing alternative systems they may look the same but very often have a lot less tools. Please consider the number of feet included in our A package, the number of hammers, the number of pullers, the length of pullers. You can’t be expected to repair a roof or a door on a coupe if the feet touch the soft parts of the vehicle. Our A package has many more components than the competitionstop packages. In most cases our B and C packages compare directly with the competitions packages at exactly the same prices but you are getting the original high quality version.